Lawler Cemetery
Fort Custer Training Center
Charleston Twp, Kalamazoo Co, Michigan

Directions to Fort Custer Training Center

1. From I-94 take exit 92.

2. Go North on W. Columbia Ave. to Skyline Dr. There is a "Y" in the road where W. Columbia and Skyline Dr. meet. Take the left branch for Skyline Dr.

3. Go West on Dickman (it's also called M-96) toward the town of Augusta. You can not turn left on Dickman, you must turn right, then do 180 so you are going West, away from Battle Creek.

4. Turn Left into Fort Custer Training Center. You must check in at Headquarters before going back to the cemetery. The Headquarters is a white building on the left with the American flag.

Directions to Lawler Cemetery from HQ

1. Go Left from Headquarters to Harmonia Rd. You will see a fenced in area with many vehicles.

2. Go Right on Harmonia Rd. to Logman Rd. Just stay on Harmonia Rd. and it will turn into Logman Rd. 3. There is a "Y" in Logman Rd., take the Right road to stay on Logman. You will go through an open gate.

4. Turn right on Territorial Road. There is a six foot high chain link fence with barbed wire that runs along Logman and Territorial roads. The fence separates the State Park from the Training Center.

5. Territorial Cemetery (also known as Lawler) is on the left.